Hello world!

For the longest time, the store32.net url and theartifact.net url have pointed to the same place. Over time, we’ve been working on projects other than The Artifact but haven’t moved the focus off The Artifact. Now that’s changing.

Although we’ll continue to work on The Artifact and Steampunkfitters, we’ve also created two board games with game crafter, Bubs The Robot children’s book about non-verbal learning disabilities and we’re looking at several more projects.

Clearly Store32 is getting bigger than just The Artifact and RPGs. In the future there will be even more diversification and that’s okay. Maybe one day it’ll be mobile games. Maybe one day it’ll be short stories. We’ll have to find out and it’ll be fun!

So check back periodically and find out where we’re headed.

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    1. Thanks Nils, I’m always excited about taking on a design that I’ve never done before. I’ve never designed for FUDGE before so this is kind of hard on the one hand because you want to fit the game into the system and easy because the system is already there. It’ll be fun regardless.

      1. Fudge is pretty cool and very flexible, so you should be fine. Isn’t Fate a Fudge variant, and fairly popular in some circles? Established player communities are always good.

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