Store32 started publishing to the web in 2001 with The Artifact RPG. In 2009 our first children’s book Bubs The Robot was published to help kids with non-verbal learning disabilities. In 2011 we published Steampunkfitters RPG. In 2016 we published our first novella Everything Is Light.

Our product line continues to expand and diversify. Our goal is that anything we publish have an element of fun and be friendly to the whole family.

We’re always interested in new ways of improving our customer’s experience and the products that we make available. We mostly do this for fun, so we can’t get overly serious about anything we do. We hope you have fun with us.

Who Are We?

We are Store 32, an authoring and publishing company that is looking to use the internet to save money for you and our company. This website can also serve a vehicle for new ideas.

If you wish to get in contact with us, send an email or letter to. . .
78 Pullman Street
Brocton, NY 14716

email me at emmett.obrian@store32.net

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